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I am passionate about weight loss, mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

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Marli Snyders

Health & Fitness Coach Based in Johannesburg

Wife, mom and entrepreneur….

She is a princess of God. As a mindfulness and weight loss coach she is passionate about helping people to achieve their weight loss goals and self love by changing mindsets and habits. She is highly energetic, motivating and inspirational. She is also the sales and marketing manager at Diesel Innovations, proud owner of Airport Tower Lodge and a she loves speculating in real estate. She is an authentic, fun being, living consciously and joyously, sprinkling around some love and inspiration.

Marli’s Vision

I inspire, empower and uplift people globally to become the ultimate version of who God created us to be.

She believes self development is key to growth & success and she completed;

  • B.Cur Degree in Nursing
  • Mind Power Training – Robin Banks
  • The Awakening – John Kehoe
  • Firewalking – Cobus Visser, SA Superman & Mental Strength coach
  • Business Coaching – Cobus Visser, SA Superman & Mental Strength coach
  • Awakening your Financial Genius – Robert Kiyosaki & Barry Mitchell
  • Money Magic – Donna McCallum aka Fairy Godmother
  • Real Entrepreneur – Brian Walsh
  • Sales Training – Barry Mitchell
Marli Snyders - Before & After

I am passionate about weight loss, mindset and a healthy lifestyle.

Download a FREE copy of “65 Secrets to Weight Loss” Now!


What My Clients Say

Liyana van Heerden – Johannesburg, South Africa

I joined Marli’s program after I lost most of my weight. For me, the problem was not to lose weight so much as to keep it off. I think a lot of ladies can relate to this. She is my accountability partner and I have been on my goal weight for the last 7 months. She goes out of her way to help in any way.

Annebè Cooke – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England

Annebe lost 11kg in 3 months and she is continuing to reduce to her ideal shape and size

I approached Marli one day and just confided in her that I am not feeling good about myself.  Marli has already started her healthy lifestyle by that point and she suggested that we support each other.  I agreed to that.  Every morning Marli checked in with me on how I am doing and feeling with a lovely quote or motivational video to share.  Even though the supporting system was very one-sided (from Marli side to me) and I kept on falling off the healthy wagon.  It did not put Marli off, she kept on supporting.  She wanted me to win because she knows what it is like not to feel good about herself.  With empathy, she made me feel it is okay but encouraged me to draw a line and start again.

I also witnessed days where Marli had to face tough challenges herself on her journey.  When the scales did not show what she wanted to see, she was disappointed but you know what, she pushed harder!!!  She did not give up!  That was amazing to see…Marli just kept on working and working.  Her Facebook posts about how she pushes herself in the gym, her commitment, belief in herself, hard work and enjoyment she got from her new lifestyle, made me feel…I can do that…and I did.

Since Marli and I have been supporting each other roundabout September 2019 I have lost 11kg.  I officially joined her program on the 11/11/2019 to successfully achieve my goals.  I eat healthily and also exercise 6 days a week now.  Two weeks into the program and I am learning so much about myself…most importantly, I am on a journey to love and accept myself.

Thank you, Marli for believing in me, when I did not see a way out.

Annebè Cooke – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England


Maritha Youell – Brisbane, Australia

Marli is an inspirational coach who’s life story is an example to all.  She motivates us with her passion and commitment to live life to the fullest.

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